【     habitat   】Madagascar, D.R.Congo
【     genera    】2
【      species  】19
Some species are in Madagascar. And the others are in Democratic Republic of the Congo. This family was included in Buthidae but became independent again. Most species live in moist forests. Neoprotobuthus spp. have intermediate characters between Buthidae and Microcharmidae.


Microcharmus andrei 
Microcharmus antongil 
Microcharmus bemaraha 
Microcharmus cloudsleythompsoni 
Microcharmus confluenciatus 
Microcharmus djangoa 
Microcharmus duhemi
Microcharmus fisheri 
Microcharmus hauseri 
Microcharmus jussarae
Microcharmus maculatus 
Microcharmus madagascariensis 
Microcharmus pauliani pauliani
Microcharmus pauliani ambre 
Microcharmus pauliani namoroka 
Microcharmus sabineae
Microcharmus variegatus 
Microcharmus violaceous 


Neoprotobuthus intermedius

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