【     habitat   】Mediterranean coast,Latin America
【     genera    】6
【     species   】89
Some species are in Meditarranean coast (Europe, Northern Africa, West Asia). Some are in South Asia and Southeast Asia. Some are in Lation America (Central America, South America). Scorpiopidae was integrated into this family. They are in South Asia and Southeast Asia.


Alpiscorpius alpha
Alpiscorpius beroni 
Alpiscorpius beta
Alpiscorpius delta 
Alpiscorpius gamma
Alpiscorpius germanus 
Alpiscorpius kappa 
Alpiscorpius lambda 
Alpiscorpius mingrelicus mingrelicus
Alpiscorpius mingrelicus caporiaccoi 
Alpiscorpius mingrelicus dinaricus 
Alpiscorpius omega 
Alpiscorpius omikron 
Alpiscorpius phrygius
Alpiscorpius sigma 
Alpiscorpius uludagensis 
Alpiscorpius ypsilon


Euscorpius aladaglarensis 
Euscorpius alanyaensis 
Euscorpius altadonnai 
Euscorpius amorgensis 
Euscorpius aquilejensis 
Euscorpius arikani 
Euscorpius avcii 
Euscorpius balearicus 
Euscorpius bonacinai
Euscorpius biokovensis
Euscorpius birulai 
Euscorpius borovaglavaensis 
Euscorpius calabriae 
Euscorpius candiota 
Euscorpius canestrinii 
Euscorpius carpathicus carpathicus 
Euscorpius carpathicus banaticus 
Euscorpius celanus 
Euscorpius ciliciensis
Euscorpius concinnus 
Euscorpius corcyraeus
Euscorpius croaticus 
Euscorpius curcici 
Euscorpius deltshevi 
Euscorpius drenskii 
Euscorpius erymanthius 
Euscorpius eskisehirensis 
Euscorpius feti 
Euscorpius garganicus garganicus
Euscorpius garganicus molisanus 
Euscorpius giachinoi 
Euscorpius gocmeni 
Euscorpius hadzii 
Euscorpius hakani 
Euscorpius honazicus 
Euscorpius hyblaeus 
Euscorpius idaeus 
Euscorpius italicus

Euscorpius janstai
Euscorpius sadileki
Euscorpius scheraboni
Euscorpius studentium
Euscorpius kinzelbachi
Euscorpius koci 
Euscorpius koschewnikowi 
Euscorpius kritscheri 
Euscorpius lycius
Euscorpius mylonasi 
Euscorpius naupliensis 
Euscorpius oglasae 
Euscorpius ossae 
Euscorpius parthenopeius 
Euscorpius popovi 
Euscorpius salentinus 
Euscorpius scaber 
Euscorpius sicanus
Euscorpius solegladi 
Euscorpius stahlavskyi 
Euscorpius sultanensis 
Euscorpius tauricus
Euscorpius tergestinus 
Euscorpius vailatii 
Euscorpius vignai 
Euscorpius yagmuri


Megacormus gertschi 
Megacormus granosus
Megacormus grubbsi 
Megacormus segmentatus 
Megacormus xichu


Plesiochactas dilutus 
Plesiochactas mitchelli 
Plesiochactas vasquezi


Tetratrichobothrius flavicaudis 


Troglocormus ciego
Troglocormus willis