【     habitat   】South America
【     genera    】 2
【     species   】 23 
Scorpions which are in this family are distributed in South America. Most species are in dry areas. For example, North American coast, along the Andes and other rocks and sandboxes. Some species are in high altitude areas. 


Caraboctonus keyserlingi


Hadruroides adrianae 
Hadruroides aguilari 
Hadruroides bustamantei 
Hadruroides carinatus 
Hadruroides charcasus
Hadruroides chinchaysuyu 
Hadruroides doriai 
Hadruroides elenae
Hadruroides galapagoensis
Hadruroides geckoi 
Hadruroides graceae
Hadruroides juanchararroi 
Hadruroides leopardus 
Hadruroides lourencoi 
Hadruroides lunatus
Hadruroides maculatus
Hadruroides mauryi 
Hadruroides moreti 
Hadruroides tishqu 
Hadruroides tongiorgii 
Hadruroides udvardyi 
Hadruroides vichayitos

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